Robert Martin Etherton

Born: September 22, 1888 in Mercer County, Missouri

Died: September 27, 1948 in Jackson County, Missouri

Buried: Spickard Masonic Cemetery, Grundy County, Missouri

Lived: 60 years 5 days


Father:David Hayes Etherton (1847/MO - 1912/MO)

Mother:Sarah Catherine Thogmartin (1855/MO - 1931/MO)


Sister: Roberthia Etherton(1874/MO - 1893/MO)

Sister: Carrie I Etherton(1875/MO - 1962/MO)

Brother: Edgar Etherton (1877/MO - 1965/MO)

Sister: Emma R Etherton(1877/MO - 1951/MO)

Sister: Lula D Etherton(1885/MO - 1947/MO)

Brother: Leonard H Etherton(1888/MO - 1968/MO)


Sarah Etherton Certificate of Death

Robert Etherton Certificate of Death


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