The Cocoa Beach Air Show

2010 Air Show Videos

Shows two Thunderbirds crossing at eye level. (12 seconds)

Thunderbirds crossing again but with a twist. (8 seconds)

Four Thunderbirds in formation (plus one) doing a 180 loop. (50 seconds)

One Thunderbird flying sideways. (6 seconds)

Four Thunderbirds in formation (plus one) in a synchronized 180 twist. (15 seconds)

Two Thunderbirds in formation one under the other upside down. (12 seconds)

Two Thunderbirds crossing twice with a 180 loop in between. (43 seconds)

Single Thunderbird in a very slow pass. (22 seconds)

First Thunderbird does a 180 circle then departs, then a surprise, and reaction while 4 in formation pass. (75 seconds)

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