Etherton Family Tree Timeline of the 15 Event(s) that happened at:

Stark County, Ohio, USA

South Lawn CemeteryCemetery
Lura Wanda Bittickerbirth1897-06-06Stark County, Ohio
Harmon Henry Etherton/Lura Wanda Bittickermarriage1920-00-00Stark County, Ohio
Russell Henry Ethertonbirth1928-11-20Stark County, Ohio
Ida Missouri Lindseydeath1941-04-13Stark County, Ohio
Sarah Jane Bosedeath1942-06-06Stark County, Ohio
Russell Henry Etherton/Grace Darling Freesmarriage1951-07-06Stark County, Ohio
-unpublished-birth1954-00-00Stark County, Ohio
-unpublished-birth1956-00-00Stark County, Ohio
Susan Ellen Ethertonbirth1960-06-11Stark County, Ohio
Susan Ellen Ethertondeath1960-06-14Stark County, Ohio
Harmon Henry Ethertondeath1965-08-03Stark County, Ohio
Lura Wanda Bittickerdeath1975-04-06Stark County, Ohio
Russell Henry Ethertondeath2018-10-08Stark County, Ohio
Grace Darling Freesdeath2018-10-19Stark County, Ohio

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