Etherton Family Tree Timeline of the 11 Event(s) that happened at:

Wayne County, Michigan, USA

Maple Grove CemeteryCemetery
Northview CemeteryCemetery
Billy Eugene Lipebirth1927-07-02Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
Evelyn Phyllis Loutonbirth1931-04-17Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
John Wayne Etherton/Lillian Catherine Hoardmarriage1940-04-19Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
Albie Joseph LeMay/Doris Lee Ethertonmarriage1940-09-07Wayne County, Michigan
Paul H. VanBaak/Betty Ethertonmarriage1942-10-24Wayne County, Michigan
Minnie Lee Ethertondeath1962-12-28Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
Charles Earnest Rallsdeath1969-07-05Wayne County, Michigan
Lillian Catherine Hoarddeath2009-06-20Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
Ruby Mae Ethertondeath2015-07-19Wayne County, Michigan

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