Mary Adeline Ridgeway

Born: July 14, 1865 in Iowa

Died: March 18, 1940 in Exline, Appanoose County, Iowa

Buried: Hartford Cemetery, Hartford, Putnam County, Missouri

Lived: 74 years 8 months 4 days


Father:Thomas Edward Ridgeway (1834/IL - 1906/MO)

Mother:Nancy Elizabeth Cox (1835/OH - 1912/MO)


Brother: Sampson Ridgeway(1856/IA - )

Sister: Abagail Ridgeway(1856/IA - )

Sister: Sarah E Ridgeway(1861/IA - 1944/MO)

Brother: George W Ridgeway(1863/IA - )

Sister: Ida M Ridgeway(1868/IA - 1913/IA)

Brother: Charles Ridgeway(1870/IA - )

Brother: William R Ridgeway(1872/IA - 1933/IA)

Brother: Daniel Ridgeway(1876/IA - )


Name: Isaac Newton Lawson (1861/MO - 1933/IA)

  Date: 11/02/1882

  Place: Putnam County, Missouri


Son: John E Lawson( - )

Daughter: Laura Lawson( - )

Daughter: Eliza J Lawson (1884/MO - 1985/IA)

Daughter: Sarah E Lawson(1885/MO - 1921/IA)

Son: Jesse S Lawson (1887/MO - 1938/IA)

Daughter: Lettice Lawson(1890/MO - 1973/IA)

Son: Thomas W Lawson (1893/MO - 1981/MO)

Son: Alva C Lawson(1898/MO - 1955/IA)

Daughter: Rachel Lawson(1901/MO - )

Son: Noah D Lawson(1904/MO - 1945)

Son: Adam E Lawson(1908/MO - )

Son: Pearl Lawson(1911/MO - )


1870 Jasper County IA Census

1880 Jasper County IA Census

Isaac Lawson & Mary Ridgeway Certificate of Marriage

1900 Putnam County MO Census

1910 Putnam County MO Census

1920 Appanoose County IA Census

Isaac Newton Lawson Death Certificate

Isaac Newton Lawson Obituary

Hollis Lawson Automobile Accident

Jesse Smith Lawson Death Certificate

Mary Adeline Lawson Death Certificate

Thomas Lawson Death Certificate

Thomas Lawson Obituary

Hartford Cemetery


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