Hezekiah Branson Wakefield

Born: June 13, 1801 in Charles County, Maryland

Died: November 8, 1847 in Bartholomew County, Indiana

Buried: Harmony Cemetery, Bartholomew County, Indiana

Lived: 46 years 4 months 26 days


Father:Abel Wakefield (1764/VA - 1836/TN)

Mother:Margaret Jenkins (1756/MD - 1812/IN)


Sister: Susannah Wakefield(1787/SC - 1844/SC)

Brother: William T Wakefield(1790/SC - 1870/IA)

Sister: Matilda Wakefield(1805/SC - 1888/TN)


Name: Catharine Stuckey (1806/KY - 1892/IN)

  Date: 01/20/1822

  Place: Bartholomew County, Indiana


Son: James S Wakefield (1823/IN - 1899/IA)

Son: John D Wakefield(1829/IN - )

Daughter: Sarah M Wakefield(1833/IN - 1873/IL)

Daughter: Margaret M Wakefield(1834/IN - 1866)

Daughter: Asenith C Wakefield(1838/IN - 1866/IN)

Son: Hezekiah B Wakefield (1840/IN - 1910/OR)

Daughter: Nancy M Wakefield(1846/IN - )

Daughter: Martha A Wakefield(1847/IN - 1938)


Hezekiah Wakefield & Catherine Stuckey Certificate of Marriage

Hezekiah B. Wakefield Certificate of Death

DAR Research Database - Wakefield

Harmony Cemetery from Find-a-grave website


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