Helen A. Wilder

Born: Thursday, September 15, 1836 in Lancaster, Coos County, New Hampshire

Died: Friday, March 11, 1938 in Lancaster, Coos County, New Hampshire

Lived: 101 years 5 months 24 days


Father:Joseph Wilder (1809/NH - )

Mother:Sarah Anne Stockwell (1810/NH - 1887/NH)


Sister: Sarah R. Wilder (1835/NH - )

Brother: George Stockwell Wilder (1837/NH - 1923/NH)

Brother: Joseph Henry Wilder+ (1841/NH - 1917/AR)

Sister: Lucy Jane Wilder Hayes+ (1845/NH - 1938/NH)

Brother: Edward Wilder (1849/NH - 1859/NH)

History/Life Events

  Occupation: Seamstress


1850 Loos County NH Census

1900 Coos County NH Census

Helen Wilder Certificate of Death, 1938


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