Boyd Thorp

Born: 1882

Died: 1958

Buried: Tower Grove Cemetery, Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois

Lived: 76 years


Father:Samuel Brook Thorp (1856/IL - 1885/IL)

Mother:Elizabeth Jane Etherton (1862/IL - 1882/IL)


Sister: Wanda Harriet Thorp+ (1880/IL - 1902/IL)

Brother: Lewis Thorp (half-brother) (1884/IL - 1943/IL)


Name: Winifred E. Etherton (1884/IL - 1966/IL)


  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).


Julia Lee Nora Etherton Certificate of Birth, 1950

Millie Lipe Delayed Certificate of Birth, 1951

Dollie Hannah Etherton Certificate of Birth, 1951

Ethel Rains Delayed Record of Birth, 1953

Mary Frances Etherton Record of Birth, 1953

Ardell Grammer Certificate of Birth, 1954

Rolla Oscar Nance Certificate of Birth, 1956

William Gilbert Etherton Delayed Certificate of Birth, 1957

A Genealogical History of 3 Pioneer Families of Jackson County, Illinois

Tower Grove Cemetery


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