Charlotte E. Etherton

Born: 1810 in Tennessee

Died: 1854 in Jackson County, Illinois

Buried: Etherton Cemetery, Jackson County, Illinois

Lived: 44 years


Father:Thomas Grantsor Etherton (1783/VA - 1847/IL)

Mother:Jennie Jane Lipe (1785/VA - 1853/IL)


Sister: Nancy L Etherton+ (1806/TN - 1868/IL)

Brother: Thomas L Etherton+ (1809/TN - 1876/IL)

Sister: Elizabeth A Etherton+ (1810/TN - 1888/IL)

Brother: William C Etherton+ (1811/TN - 1855/IL)

Brother: Micajah Etherton (1815/TN - 1847/IL)

Brother: James E Etherton+ (1817/TN - 1849/IL)

Sister: Jenny J Etherton+ (1817/TN - 1858/IL)

Brother: George W Etherton+ (1819/TN - 1870/IL)

Brother: Andrew J Etherton+ (1822/TN - 1878/IL)

Brother: Henry H Etherton+ (1826/TN - 1888/IL)

Sister: Julia A Etherton+ (1831/IL - 1867/IL)


Name: Daniel Lipe (1808/NC - 1888/IL)

  Date: 1830 - 1854 (death, 24 years )

  Place: Jackson County, Illinois


Son: John W Lipe+ (1832/IL - 1881)

Son: Harrison Lipe+ (1835/IL - 1864/GA)

Daughter: Narcissa Lipe+ (1836/IL - 1903/MO)

Son: Andrew J Lipe+ (1840/IL - 1909/KS)

Daughter: Malissa Lipe (1841/IL - )

Daughter: Elizabeth Lipe (1846/IL - 1909/KS)

Son: George Lipe (1847/IL - )

Daughter: Mary Lipe (1852/IL - )


Thomas Etherton Last Will & Testament, 1846

1850 Jackson County IL Census

A Genealogical History of 3 Pioneer Families of Jackson County, Illinois

Jerry Williams GEDCOM File

Sherry Kyle

Etherton Cemetery, Jackson County, Illinois


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