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Born: December 3, 1915 in Putnam County, Missouri

Died: November 8, 1955 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa

Buried: Unionville Cemetery, Unionville, Putnam County, Missouri

Lived: 39 years 11 months 5 days


Father:Thomas William Lawson (1893/MO - 1981/MO)

Mother:Lellie Blanch Guffey (1894/MO - 1964/MO)


Sister: Gracie Lawson ( - )

Sister: Edith M Lawson (1918/MO - 2001/IA)

Sister: Edna M Lawson (1920/MO - 1994/MO)

Sister: Helen L Lawson (1922/MO - 1988/MO)

Sister: Roxie E Lawson (1924/MO - 2007/MO)

Sister: Dorothy V Lawson (1927/MO - 2012/MO)

Sister: -unpublished-

Brother: -unpublished-


Name: Marie Ellen Wakefield (1919/IA - 1992/NE)

  Date: 05/08/1937 (age: 21 years 5 months 5 days) - 11/08/1955 (death, 18 years 6 months )

  Place: Centerville, Appanoose County, Iowa


Son: Donnie G Lawson+ (1937/MO - 2013/MO)

Son: Billie D Lawson+ (1939/MO - 1967/IA)

Son: Larry W Lawson (1941/IA - 2005/MO)

Son: Gerry L Lawson+ (1946/IA - 1989/MO)

Son: Hollis A Lawson+ (1952/IA - 2013/IA)


  Descendant of 3 war veteran(s)/patriot(s) (see details).

  Service: Veteran of World War II. US Marines, private.


Hollis Lawson Certificate of Birth, 1915

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Wakefield-Lawson Wedding Announcement

Billie Dean Lawson Certificate of Birth, 1939

1940 Putnam County MO Census

Hollis Lawson WWII Draft Registration Card, 1942

Hollis Lawson Certificate of Death, 1955

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Hollis Lawson Application for Headstone, 1956

Billy Lawson & Marianna Huffine Marriage Certificate, 1958

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Unionville Cemetery from 'Find a Grave' website


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