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Born: April 27, 1849 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent County, England

Died: September 15, 1920 in Harvard, Wayne County, Iowa

Buried: Shriver Cemetery, Wayne County, Iowa

Lived: 71 years 4 months 19 days


Father:Henry Hammond (1812/EN - 1881/EN)

Mother:Mariah Jenner (1816/EN - 1916/EN)


Name: Margaret Hamble (1851/IN - 1894/IA)

  Date: 12/07/1875 (age: 26 years 7 months 10 days) - 04/24/1894 (death/spouse, 18 years 4 months 17 days)

  Place: Hamilton County, Indiana

Name: Cynthia Ellen Boyer (1849/OH - 1912/IA)

  Date: 12/28/1894 (age: 45 years 8 months 1 day) - 07/31/1912 (death/spouse, 17 years 7 months 3 days)

  Place: Wayne County, Iowa


Daughter: Mary J Hammond (1876/IL - 1876/IL)

Son: Henry Hammond+ (1878/IL - 1949/IA)

Daughter: Anna F Hammond+ (1881/IL - 1960/IA)

Son: James W Hammond (1883/IL - )

Son: Ernest J Hammond+ (1885/IL - 1966)

Son: Jesse B Hammond+ (1886/IL - 1958/IA)

Daughter: Alice D Hammond+ (1889/IL - 1980)

Daughter: Ethel Hammond (1891/IL - 1972/IA)

Daughter: Mary Hammond+ (1894/IA - 1972/IA)


Hammond/Hamble Marriage Certificate

1880 Shelby County IL Census

Anna Hammond Certificate of Birth

1900 Wayne County IA Census

Samuel Horner and Anna Hammond Certificate of Marriage

1910 Wayne County IA Census

1920 Wayne County IA Census

Anna Hammond Certificate of Death

Jerry Huffine

Charles Hamble

Ken Dunshee

Shriver Cemetery, Wayne County, Iowa


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