Daniel Hagler

Born: 1811 in North Carolina

Died: Wednesday, September 22, 1858 in Illinois

Buried: Looney Springs Cemetery, Jackson County, Illinois


Father:Philip Hagler (1777/NC - 1853/IL)

Mother:Catherine Wilson (1788/NC - 1860)


Sister: Easter Hagler Lipe Lipe Lipe+ (1804/NC - 1884/IL)

Brother: Peter Hagler (1806/NC - 1886/IL)

Sister: Margaret Grace Hagler Lipe+ (1810/NC - 1852/IL)

Sister: Sarah Hagler Lindsey+ (1812/NC - IL)

Brother: William Jasper Hagler+ An indication that this person has military service (1815/NC - 1878/IL)

Brother: Jacob Hagler+ (1817/NC - 1891/IL)

Sister: Elizabeth Hagler Hagler+ (1820/IL - 1891/IL)

Brother: Leonard Hagler+ (1826/IL - 1881/IL)

Sister: Barbara Hagler Zimmerman (1828/IL - 1870/IL)


Name: Nancy {unknown last name} (1811/TN - )


Daughter: Catherine Elizabeth Hagler Culley (1834/IL - 1887/IL)

Son: Peter Hagler (1836/IL - 1903/IL)

Son: George Hagler (1838/IL - 1858)

Daughter: Lucinda J Hagler Culley+ (1840/IL - )


1850 Perry County IL Census

Philip Hagler Probate Settlement, 1854


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