Florence A. Etherton

Born: Tuesday, December 11, 1860 in Perry County, Illinois

Died: Sunday, September 29, 1929 in Washington

Buried: Wenatchee City Cemetery, Chelan County, Washington

Lived: 68 years 9 months 18 days


Father:Alonzo Etherton An indication that this person has military service (1833/IL - 1863/MS)

Mother:Louisa J Keith (1839/KY - 1880/IL)


Brother: Charles Etherton (1858/IL - 1864/IL)

Sister: Charlotte J Etherton (1863/IL - 1929/MO)


Name: Benjamin Jacobs (1859/IL - 1911/IL)

  Date: 12/05/1886 (age: 25 years 11 months 24 days) - 08/12/1911 (death/spouse, 24 years 8 months 7 days)

  Place: Jackson County, Illinois


Daughter: Edythe Myrtle Jacobs (1887/IL - 1980/IL)

Daughter: Anna Jacobs (1888/IL - 1913/WA)

Son: William Jacobs (1890/IL - 1961/OR)

Son: Ardell Benjamin Jacobs An indication that this person has military service (1895/IL - 1942)

Son: Robert S. Jacobs (1897/IL - 1912/IL)

History/Life Events

  Descendant of 2 war veteran(s)/patriot(s) (see details).


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