Winnie May Etherton

Born: Thursday, June 23, 1932 in Oklahoma

Died: Wednesday, August 20, 1997

Lived: 65 years 1 month 28 days


Father:Maxie Edward Etherton An indication that a portrait of this person is available (1897/TX - 1979/CA)

Mother:Ethel Mae Frantz (1900/OK - 1960)


Sister: Eula Willie Etherton (1920/OK - 2005/CA)

Brother: James Lee Etherton+ (1926/OK - 1986/CA)

Brother: John Preston Etherton+ (1929/OK - 1956/OK)

Sister: Lillian Jo Etherton Stillwagner (1934/OK - 1983)

History/Life Events

  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).


1940 Murray County OK Census


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