Viola Jean Hagler

Born: Tuesday, December 30, 1924 in Wiota, Cass County, Iowa

Died: Saturday, April 14, 2001 in Phelan, San Bernardino County, California

Lived: 76 years 3 months 15 days


Father:Roy Hagler (1892/MO - 1979/CA)

Mother:Jeannie Chambers (1894/IN - 1981/CA)


Brother: Thomas Lee Hagler (1914/MO - 1980/UT)

Sister: Virginia Hazel Hagler (1916/MO - 2003/CA)

Sister: Dorothy Ruth Hagler (1918/IA - 1920/IA)

Sister: Thelma Anna Hagler (1922/IA - )

Sister: Patricia Mae Hagler (1927/IA - )

Sister: Beverly Jennie Hagler (1930/IA - )


Name: Wesley Hobba An indication that this person has military service (1915/UT - 1957/CA)


1940 Los Angeles County CA Census


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