Bertha P Etherton

Born: Thursday, April 8, 1909 in Tennessee

Died: February 1975 in Knox County, Tennessee


Father:James Taylor Etherton (1873/TN - 1932/TN)

Mother:Catherine L Henry (1870/TN - 1930)


Brother: James Edgar Etherton+ (1898/TN - 1955/TN)

Sister: Mattie Etherton (1899/TN - )

Sister: Rusha A Etherton (1901/TN - 1981/TN)

Brother: Charles E. Etherton (1904/TN - 1923/TN)

Sister: Nora Mae Etherton (1906/TN - 1982/IA)

Sister: Mary Estalee Etherton (1907/TN - 1972)

Brother: Otha Paul Etherton+ (1912/TN - 1968/TN)


1920 Sevier County TN Census


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