Pleasant Monroe Allen

Born: July 16, 1880 in Lafayette County, Arkansas

Died: 1963

Buried: Shiloh Cemetery, Bossier Parish, Louisiana

Lived: 82 years 4 months 14 days


Father:Joseph James Allen (1852/LA - 1939/AR)

Mother:Sarah Jean Teague (1855/AR - 1890/LA)


Brother: William H Allen+ (1877/AR - 1951/AR)

Brother: Joseph J Allen (1882/AR - 1962)

Brother: Robert F Allen+ (1885/AR - 1967/AR)

Brother: Marion E Allen+ (1887/AR - 1968/AR)

Sister: Mary E Allen (1888/AR - 1979/LA)

Sister: Sarah Allen (1890/AR - 1890)

Brother: Samuel J Allen+ (1890/AR - 1967)

Sister: Hattie Allen (half-sister) (1895/AR - 1989/TX)

Brother: Jewell B Allen+ (half-brother) (1903/AR - 1937)

Brother: Chester B Allen+ (half-brother) (1909/AR - 1966/LA)

Brother: Charlie H Allen (half-brother) (1910/AR - 1922/AR)

Sister: Cleo M Allen (half-sister) (1913/AR - 1986/AR)

Brother: Clyde L Allen+ (half-brother) (1915/AR - 1937/AR)


  Descendant of 2 war veteran(s)/patriot(s) (see details).


1900 Lafayette County AR Census

Shiloh Cemetery from 'Find-A-Grave' website


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