Joseph Jester

Portrait of Joseph Jester

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Born: 1873 in Arkansas

Died: Wednesday, April 19, 1950 in Newhope, Pike County, Arkansas

Buried: Liberty Cemetery, Newhope, Pike County, Arkansas


Father:Oliver William Jester An indication that this person has military service (1835/GA - 1904/AR)

Mother:Mary Francis Teague (1843/TN - 1922/AR)


Sister: Theodocia Jester Teague+ (1874/AR - 1932/AR)

Brother: Edward J. Jester (1878/AR - 1948/LA)

Brother: Benjamin Cornelius Jester (1885 - 1914)


Name: Artie Missa Allen An indication that a portrait of this person is available (1875/AR - 1950)

  Date: 09/16/1894 (age: 21 years 9 months 17 days) - 04/19/1950 (death, 55 years 7 months 3 days)

  Place: Lafayette County, Arkansas


Daughter: Viola Jester (1896/AR - 1975)

Son: Albert Jester (1901/AR - 1959/AR)

Son: Lee Roy Jester+ (1904/AR - 1969/AR)

Son: Andrew Jester (1908/AR - 1963)

Daughter: Willie M Jester (1914/AR - )

Son: Barney Jester (1915/AR - 1971)

Son: Jewel Howard Jester (1918/AR - 2012/AR)

History/Life Events

  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).


1920 Pike County AR Census


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