Kurtis Bradley Etherton

Portrait of Kurtis Bradley Etherton

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Born: Monday, July 15, 1963 in Washington, Daviess County, Indiana

Died: Tuesday, April 12, 2022 in Owatonna, Steele County, Minnesota

Buried: Forest Hill Cemetery, Owatonna, Steele County, Minnesota

Lived: 58 years 8 months 28 days

yDNA: R-M269 (inferred)


Father:William Howard Etherton An indication that a portrait of this person is available An indication that this person has military service (1933/MN - 2015/MN)



Brother: -unpublished-

History/Life Events

  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).

  Education: UW-River Falls, Metro State University.



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