Russell Etherton

Born: Tuesday, September 15, 1896 in Mechanicsburg, Sangamon County, Illinois

Died: Friday, July 30, 1897 in Mechanicsburg, Sangamon County, Illinois

Buried: Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Mechanicsburg, Sangamon County, Illinois

Lived: 10 months 15 days


Father:Russel Moreland Etherton (1861/KY - 1959/IL)

Mother:Margaret Ann Dietel (1865/IL - 1928/IL)


Brother: John W. Etherton+ (1892/IL - 1959)

Sister: Elizabeth G. Etherton (1894/IL - 1918/IL)

Sister: Hazel C Etherton (1895/IL - 1970/IL)

Sister: Ora Eilalia Etherton (1898/IL - 1963)

Brother: Elmer Joseph Etherton+ (1899/IL - 1964/IL)

Sister: Edith Etherton (1903/IL - )

Sister: Ruth Etherton (1907/IL - 1982)


Mechanicsburg Cemetery from Find a Grave website


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