Sylvester Hugh Todd

Photo of Sylvester Hugh Todd

Born: February 19, 1853 in Audrain County, Missouri

Died: March 15, 1930 in Osgood, Sullivan County, Missouri

Buried: Union Grove Cemetery, Sullivan County, Missouri

Lived: 77 years 24 days


Father:John A. Todd (1826/MO - 1860/KS)

Mother:Mariah W. Anderson (1828/VA - 1901/MO)


Brother: Jeremiah Todd (1851/MO - 1851/MO)

Brother: Kisire Todd (1851/MO - 1851/MO)

Sister: Margaret D Todd+ (1854/MO - 1927/KS)

Sister: Nowasa Todd+ (1857/MO - 1929)

Sister: Mary S Todd (1859/MO - 1920)

Sister: Vergina E Todd (1861/MO - 1861/MO)

Sister: Sarah J Wallace (half-sister) (1864/MO - 1866/MO)

Sister: Anna J Wallace+ (half-sister) (1867/MO - )


Name: Mary Ann Barton (1855/IN - 1935/MO)

  Date: 1875 - 03/15/1930 (death, 55 years 3 months 13 days)

  Place: Missouri


Son: John H Todd+ (1876/MO - 1962)

Son: William A Todd (1878/MO - 1951/MO)

Daughter: Rene A Todd+ (1880/MO - 1961)

Son: Joseph F Todd+ (1882/MO - 1963/MO)

Daughter: Daisy A Todd+ (1885/MO - 1958/MO)

Daughter: Maria A Todd+ (1887/MO - 1923/MO)

Son: Charles A Todd+ (1890/MO - 1967)

Daughter: Martha A Todd+ (1892/MO - 1982)

Daughter: Mary E Todd+ (1895/MO - 1980/IA)

Daughter: Sarah E Todd+ (1897/MO - 1970)

Son: Sylvester E Todd (1899/MO - 1966/MO)


1860 Audrian County MO Census

Maria Long Certificate of Death

Sylvester H. Todd Death Certificate

Daisy Weston Certificate of Death

Joseph Todd Certificate of Death

Sylvester Edward Todd Certificate of Death

Mary Ellen Huffine Certificate of Death

Our Todd Cousins


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