John David Etherton

Born: Sunday, May 20, 1838 in Kentucky

Died: Friday, February 23, 1917 in Webster County, Nebraska

Buried: Red Cloud Cemetery, Webster County, Nebraska

Lived: 78 years 9 months 3 days

yDNA: I-Z58 (inferred)


Father:James Etherton (1813/KY - 1897/MO)

Mother:Rachel Bixler (1815/KY - 1903/MO)


Brother: Jerimiah Jackson Etherton (1836/KY - MO)

Brother: William T Etherton+ An indication that this person has military service (1837/KY - 1910/NE)

Brother: Robert Etherton (1840/KY - 1921/OR)

Sister: Lorinda Etherton (1842/KY - 1939/MO)

Brother: Jacob J. Etherton (1846/KY - )

Brother: Daniel Sherle Etherton (1848/IL - 1925/NE)

Sister: Sarah L. Etherton (1850/MO - 1938/IL)

Brother: Charles Wesley Etherton+ (1855/IA - 1921/KS)


Name: Eliza Jane Wells (1847/MO - 1924/NE)

  Date: 1866 - 02/23/1917 (death, 51 years 2 months 24 days)

  Place: Nebraska


Son: Charles W. Etherton+ (1864/NE - 1917/MI)

Son: General Grant Etherton+ (1877/NE - 1952/CA)


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