Devoma Nadine Etherton

Born: Saturday, April 10, 1920 in Cambria, Williamson County, Illinois

Died: Sunday, August 21, 1988 in Brea, Orange County, California

Buried: Memory Garden Memorial Park, Brea, Orange County, California

Lived: 68 years 4 months 11 days


Father:Omar M. Etherton (1879/IL - 1930/IL)

Mother:Minnie M. Fox (1879/IL - 1941/IL)


Sister: Ruby May Etherton (1898/IL - 1948)

Brother: Henry Amer Etherton+ (1899/IL - 1965/IL)

Brother: Wilbert Etherton+ (1901/IL - 1936)

Brother: Floyd Claud Etherton (1904/IL - 1944/IL)

Sister: Alice Etherton (1906/IL - )

Sister: Ray Etherton (1908/IL - )

Brother: Raleigh Etherton (1909/IL - 1991/IL)

Brother: Lawrence Etherton (1916/IL - 1993)


Name: Donald E. Tanner (1910/IL - 1981/CA)


Son: Larry Deon Tanner An indication that this person has military service (1937/IL - 1961/CA)


1940 Williamson County IL Census

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