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On your website, regarding the page with James Monroe Reynolds, the info you have is incorrect. I'll site sources, etc. as I go.

The James M. Reynolds that the Arkansas site talks about if actually James Madison Reynolds, not James Monroe Reynolds the son of David and Cynthia Reynolds of Jackson County.

James Monroe Reynolds, son of Millenton "David" and Cynthia (Hopkins) Reynolds was born in 1817 and 1898, as evidenced by his tombstone in Etherton Cemetery.

His first wife's name was Elizabeth and her maiden name may have been Whitlow, I don't know the answer to what her maiden name was. She is buried in Etherton Cemetery, but the Elizabeth that was James Monroe Reynolds' wife was only 19 in the 1850 census, and James was 25, with no children listed at that time, so there is no way that the woman buried in Etherton Cemetery could have been the mother of Dennis Wells Reynolds, she would have only been 10 when he was born in 1840. James Monroe and Elizabeth's marriage certificate shows that they marriage on May 7, 1850 in Jackson County. They had the following children before her death: Dartha Reynolds, 1851 and Mary Reynolds 1854.

James Monroe's second wife was Mary Whitlow and their marriage certificate shows they married May 27, 1856 in Jackson County. They had the following children: James Reynolds 1856; Limon Reynolds April 1, 1857 and Elizabeth Reynolds 1858. James Monroe, Mary, James and Elizabeth are all together in the 1860 Carbondale Census along with Darth and Mary. Limon died January 1, 1860 and is buried in the Etherton Cemetery. James could have very well have married his sister-in-law though, making both women's maiden names Whitlow.

The James M. Reynolds whose information you have on your website is for James Madison Reynolds, the two have been and are still being confused, because of a diary that Dennis Wells Reynolds left behind. In it he mentions family members of his and basically calls everyone older than he Uncle or Aunt, which after corresponding with Bille who has the dairy we have started to work out.

There were in fact 3 James M Reynolds in Jackson County during the same time period, I have found the probate for the younger one, but he seems to be from Randolph County, IL and neither myself nor Billie can place him or his family.

You can add this info to the page about Andrew Jackson Reynolds, James' older brother: He was born August 28, 1815 and died September 22, 1855 and is buried on what used to be Peter Levan's farm (per probate), and is now Levan Vineyard. He married Catherine F. Wilson (1816-April 2, 1858 per probate and is buried with her husband). They had the following children: John H. Reynolds 1836; William R Reynolds 1838; Kenneth H Reynolds 1839; David Millenton Reynolds 1840; Isaac W Reynolds, 1841; Marcus Green Reynolds 1842; Harriet Ellen Reynolds 1844; Daniel David Reynolds 1845; Sarah Jane Reynolds 1846; Seth Reynolds 1848; Turner Adolphus Reynolds April 1850; and Catherine Reynolds (Cassie Betz) April 16, 1849 - May 18, 1809.

Marcus Green Reynolds, 1842-July 7, 1922 (per probate, death certificate and tombstone in Worthen Cemetery) married Sarah Welch (1842-Aug 13, 1926 per death certificate and tombstone in Worthen Cemetery)(per marriage certificate) on March 21, 1860: The had the following children: Andrew Jackson Reynolds 1879; Benjamin Franklin Reynolds 1882; Howard Reynolds 1887; Fount A Reynolds 1888; Cora A Reynolds (Crowell) 1890.

Catherine "Cassie" Reynolds married first Thomas Henley August 11, 1862, 2nd George Baseden (Basden) Jan 6, 1867 and third Anthony Betz Aug 18, 1870 as per all three marriage certificates, tombstones in Woolsey and Worthen Cemeteries.

Also, since I'm on a roll, Andrew and James' brother, Alexander was really Adolphus Alexander Reynolds (per family bible, this is about one of the only readable things in it, except for David's death date and how he died.), I assume since their father used his middle name "David" for everything, including court and census reports, why shouldn't he use his middle name instead of his first name.

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