Source: Ida Howard


I received an E-mail in August 2000 from Ida.

1.  Henry Etherton (1882-1959) was buried in the Hagler Cemetary.
2.  He was married to Maude Gregory (I believe her birthdate to be 1883 and she died in 1967, also buried in the Hagler Cemetary.  
3.  They had several children:  I am not positive about the birth order but I believe the following to be correct or close to correct:
    1. Dorothy Almeta (7/16/1903 to 2/14/89)  married twice (first time to Earl Dean Kilman, had  a daughter, Ruby Maxine and a son, Earl Dean)  (second time to Wiley King)  (Wiley and Dorothy had Ida and Nina Marie.) 
    2. Marie  (don't know dates of birth, died about the mid 1960s in Chester IL ) married Garret Grammer, Had 2 children:  Barbara and Gary
    3.  Mae  (don't know birth date, died about 1989 in or around Galveston TX) married Claude Marcotte, had 2 or 3 children.  Claudia and Mark, don't remember the other one's name.
    4.  Harvey B. (4/14/1911 to 7/14/1975)  Never married to my knowledge and no children
    5.  Homer Allen (Don't know birth or death dates) Married  Lillian had son Tony, and Daughter, Pamela.  Lived in Carbondale IL
    6.  Robert Wade (Don't know birth date, died  mid to late 1960')  Wife's name Lulu.  Two daughters, Bobbie and LaDonna.  Lived in St. Louis, IL
    7.  Benjamin M. (1921 to 1943)  Killed when hit by a train.  Buried in Hagler Cemetary. Two sons, Benny Wayne and Henry Allen. 
    8.  Dennis (About 1927 to 1989)  Wife's name: Mary.  They had 3 or 4 children.  Can't remember all the names.  I believe the youngest was Debby (Fields)  Lived in Carbondale IL (I think) 
    9.  Claude (1924 - 1925) infant buried in Hagler Cemetary.
    10. James (don't know birth or death dates or place of interment.  Died in infancy)

Type: e-mail

Date: 2000-08-01


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