Source: Steven Etherton


I received E-mail in November 2001 from Steven containing information on the descendants of George Washington Etherton

George Washington Etherton b: 1819

Lewis Etherton b: 1865

Lewis Elbert Etherton b: 1891

Lewis Edward Etherton b: 1937 (Not Lewis Elbert Etherton, Jr.)

Steven Allen Etherton b:  1967

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Eugenia Janette Etherton
b:  1919
m:  George Cavaglia
Betty Lee Etherton 
b:  1922
Lora Jean Etherton
m:  Phil Hott
Kids:    Cindy Hott
            m:  Ellis Gerall
            Brenda Hott
            m:  Lenny Renolds
            Karen Hott  
            Harry & Pat Hott
Lewis Edward Etherton
b:  1937
m: Caroly Ann Etherton
Kids:    Lewis Edward Etherton, Jr.
            b:  1961
            Steven Allen Etherton
            b:  1967
            m:  Bobbi Lynn Etherton
            Kids:  Bree Ann Etherton
                        b:  2001
                    Kelsey Lynn Krump
                    b:  1994  

Type: e-mail

Date: 2001-11-01


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