Source: William Carroll Etherton Family Reunion Photo


William Carroll Etherton Family Reunion taken about 1908-1909.

The following picture is of Miamah Reynolds (widow of William Carroll Etherton) and family. Only some of the people have been identified. If you hover your mouse over a face and a name appears, then that person has been identified.

The children of William and Miamah are seated on either side of Miamah. The sons (and spouses) have been identified, but the three daughters have not.

Miamah Helen Reynolds Homer David Etherton Lillian Allene Dooley James Marcus Etherton Lavina Josephine Lee Clara Jane Dippell Monroe Jackson Etherton Sophronia Snyder Charles Alexander Etherton Agnes Frazier Carvel Etherton Olive Etherton Ruby Etherton Charles Gullett Lewis Etherton

Type: Family Reunion

Date: 1909-00-00


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