Source: Henry Harrison Etherton Family Reunion Photo


Henry Harrison Etherton Family Reunion Photo taken about 1912.

The following picture is of Henry Harrison Etherton and family. Only some of the people have been identified. If you hover your mouse over a face and a name appears, then that person has been identified.

Henry Harrison Etherton Mary Emily Spence Harry Etherton Myrtle Crawshaw Lavica Etherton Dr. Lewis Roy Wayman Helen Ina Wayman Josephine Etherton Harrison Crawshaw Leta Crawshaw Adelaide Etherton John Henry Landreth Lelia Etherton Vallie Lee McCord Electa McCord Estella Etherton Fred Wilton Warren Otto Modglin Laura Ettie Etherton Mollie Etherton Nina Wilton

1 Henry Harrison ETHERTON b:22 Mar 1844 Jackson County, IL d:08 Oct 1927 Jackson County, IL

Mary Emily SPENCE b:22 Dec 1851 IL d:22 May 1940 m:28 Nov 1869 Jackson County, IL

  2 Laura Ettie ETHERTON b:23 Sep 1870 Etherton, IL d:18 Jun 1963

  ≫ Asa Ross SILVEY♂ b:26 Aug 1858 Wayne County, IL d:10 Feb 1904 Murphysboro, IL m:14 Apr 1887 Jackson County, IL

    3 Ira G. SILVEY b:07 Jan 1888 IL d:07 Dec 1925 Anna, IL

    ≫ Lola WOODSIDE b:1888 IL m:01 Aug 1908 Jackson County, IL

    3 Vera Malissa SILVEY b:30 Nov 1891 Pomona, IL d:19 Jun 1984 OR

    3 Corwin Willard SILVEY b:11 Apr 1900 IL d:24 Aug 1957

    3 Norman SILVEY b:1901

  2 Adelaide L ETHERTON b:1875 IL d:1922

  ≫ John Henry LANDRETH b:04 Jul 1875 IL d:05 Jan 1951 Murphysboro, IL m:27 Feb 1898 Jackson County, IL

  2 Harry H. ETHERTON b:20 Feb 1878 IL d:30 Nov 1949

  ≫ Myrtle CRAWSHAW b:28 Jan 1884 d:18 Mar 1946 m:21 Oct 1900 Jackson County, IL

    3 Earl ETHERTON b:23 Aug 1901 IL d:01 Jan 1955 Clearwater, FL

    ≫ Beulah HAGLER b:13 Apr 1902 Jackson County, IL d:01 Jan 1991 St. Petersburg, FL m:15 Jun 1921 Jackson County, IL

  2 Mollie E. ETHERTON b:16 Mar 1882 IL d:11 Dec 1969

  ≫ Warren Otto MODGLIN b:24 Oct 1880 Jackson County, IL d:31 Dec 1952 Vergennes, VT

  2 Estella Mamie ETHERTON b:14 Jun 1884 Jackson County, IL d:13 Dec 1971 Murphysboro, IL

  ≫ Frederick John WILTON b:13 Mar 1881 CN d:16 Jan 1950 Murphysboro, IL m:24 Mar 1900 IL

    3 Dwight WILTON b:08 Dec 1902 IL d:28 Jun 1977

    3 Milard WILTON b:1905 IL

    3 Nina WILTON b:1907 IL d:1997

    3 Arthur WILTON b:1909 IL

  2 Josephine ETHERTON b:25 Sep 1888 Jackson County, IL d:20 Feb 1972 Murphysboro, IL

  ≫ Harrison CRAWSHAW b:11 Oct 1888 Carbondale, IL d:31 Jan 1964 Murphysboro, IL m:08 Jun 1907 Etherton, IL

    3 Leta CRAWSHAW b:10 Oct 1909 d:26 Sep 1995

  2 Lavica ETHERTON b:25 Dec 1890 Etherton, IL d:13 Dec 1918 Murphysboro, IL

  ≫ Louis Roy WAYMAN b:02 Sep 1879 KY m:30 Oct 1910 Murphysboro, IL

    3 Helen Ina WAYMAN b:07 Mar 1912 IL d:22 Apr 1999 Sarasota, FL

  2 Lelia ETHERTON b:28 May 1892 Jackson County, IL d:02 Aug 1972 Van Nuys, CA

  ≫ Vallie Lee MCCORDb:04 Dec 1887 Oraville, ILd:03 Jun 1972 Murphysboro, IL m:17 Dec 1910 Murphysboro, IL

    3 Electa Virginia MCCORD b:15 Mar 1912 Jackson County, IL d:15 Apr 2003 AZ

Type: Family Reunion

Date: 1912-00-00


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