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Born: February 21, 1905 in Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois

Died: January 17, 1985 in St. Louis County, Missouri

Buried: Tower Grove Cemetery, Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois

Lived: 79 years 10 months 27 days


Father:George Henry Hale (1871/IL - 1952/IL)

Mother:Ellen Frances Douglas (1875/IL - 1953/IL)


Brother: Charles Hale (1899/IL - )

Brother: Clarence L Hale+ (1902/IL - 1966/IL)

Sister: Clara E Hale+ (1902/IL - 1973/IL)

Brother: John W Hale+ (1908/IL - 1980/IL)

Brother: Owen Hale (1911/IL - 1969/MO)

Brother: Louie A Hale (1913/IL - 1984/IL)


  Descendant of 3 war veteran(s)/patriot(s) (see details).

  Occupation: Seamstress, Welch Baby Carriage Co.


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