Source: Jonesboro Illinois Gazette Selected Obituaries


24 Oct 1874:
Hezekiah Inman, of Makanda, born in South Carolina, aged 66 years, died of erysipelas 15 Oct 1874.

15 Jan 1881:
Dr. J.G. Linsey, died at Makanda of pleurisy during the holidays.

2 Apr 1881:
Mrs. Solomon Brewer [Leah Hagler], of Makanda, died.

29 Oct 1881:
Leonard Hagler, of a few miles west of Alto Pass, aged about 50 years, died of heart disease Tuesday (25 Oct 1881).

25 Feb 1882:
Simon P. Hiller died at his residence six miles east of Makanda last Tuesday (21 Feb 1882).

14 Feb 1885
Abraham Hagler committed suicide near Nashville on Monday last week (2 Feb 1885?) by taking rat poison.

18 Jul 1885
Aunt Susie Grammer, sister of Judge Eaves, died 11 Jul 1885, aged 64 years, and was buried at the Brewer Place.

21 Nov 1885
David McNair died a few days ago. He left an aged wife.

28 Aug 1886:
Lydia Spence, wife of William Spence, died last week of epileptic neuralgia in Makanda.

23 Jul 1887:
William J. Hunsaker, brother of Alderman Hunsaker, died Monday (18 Ju11887) from overheating, aged 41 years, 8 months, 3 days, and was buried in Anna Cemetery. He left a wife and no children.

17 Sep 1887:
George May, of Mile 32 Dongola, died 13 Sep 1887, aged 33 years.

1 Oct 1887:
George May was shot and killed by Daniel Kimbro in Bond County some time ago. Kimbro got eight years for manslaughter.

6 Apr 1889:
Mary Williams, wife of Morris L. Williams, and infant daughter, died 25 Mar 1889, aged nearly 19 years, and were buried in the new cemetery near Alto Pass.

14 Sep 1889
Zella Hunsaker, daughter of Joseph Hunsaker of Cobden, died 5 Sep 1889, aged 3 years.

18 Feb 1899:
Samuel Hargrave died 16 Feb 1899, at his home in Pomona, Jackson County of pneumonia, aged 75 (or nearly 77) years, 10 months, 18 days. He was born 28 Mar 1827, in Jonesboro, the son of Robert Hargrave, who settled in Union County in 1811 from Pennsylvania. He married Clarinda R. Crowell on 27 Nov 1845. He went to California in 1849. His wife died in 1854. They had four children: Henry Hargrave (deceased), Allen C. Hargrave, Edward F. Hargrave, and Robert R. Hargrave. He married 2nd on 15 Nov 1855, Malinda Hileman. They had seven children: Harriet, Josephine (deceased), Samuel, Ida A., Sarah J., Jefferson D., and Charles (deceased). He left two sisters, Mrs. Paul Frick and Mrs. N. Brown. (See also the 25 Feb 1899, issue.)

10 Mar 1900:
James Hagler died 26 Feb 1900, in a lumber mill accident in Starks, La. His mother died a week ago to the day. He joined the Baptist Church three years ago.

26 Jul 1907:
Grandma Pirtle died the first of the week and was buried Wednesday (24 Jul 1907) in Alto Pass Cemetery.

26 Mar 1909:
Hillery Brewer died Monday (22 Mar 1909) at home southeast of Murphysboro, Jackson County, aged 82 years. He was married twice and was the father of 29 children, of whom 23 were living.

2 Dec 1910:
David Cripps died last Monday (28 Nov 1910) a few miles west of Alto Pass.

16 Jan 1914:
Mrs. James (Hagler) Messamore died 10 Jan 1914, one mile north of Alto Pass, of rheumatism of the heart, aged 63 years, and was buried in Alto Pass Cemetery. She was found dead outside in her yard. She would have been 64 years old in April 1914. She joined Dutch Ridge Baptist Church early in life. She left a husband, four sons, one daughter, and several grandchildren. Harry Messamore was a son.

21 Feb 1919:
Will Grammer died at home near Pomona, Jackson County, of influenza. His family locked the house and fled to the home of a neighbor. When the undertaker forced the door open, the body was found sitting erect in a chair.

25 May 1923:
Hiram Etherton was found dead last Tuesday (22 May 1923) in the cistern at his home in Williamson County, just across the Union County line, and was buried in Antioch Cemetery. He was a member of the Baptist Church. He left a widow and five grown children.

6 Apr 1928:
Infant daughter of Albert Pirtle died 25 Mar 1928
Lester Pirtle died 26 Mar 1928. He was born April 6, 1925, the son of Albert Pirtle.
Mrs. Albert (Bridgeman) Pirtle died 28 Mar 1928. She was born 26 Apr 1893, near Alto Pass, the daughter of Charles Bridgeman. She married Albert Pirtle about 13 years ago. She had eight children, of whom six survive. Helen Pirtle, Leland Pirtle, John Pirtle, Dorris Pirtle, Cletus Pirtle and Mildred Pirtle. She also left her husband, father, mother, four brothers, Harry Bridgeman, of Granite City, Howard Bridgeman, of East St. Louis, St. Clair County, Walter Bridgeman and Odie Bridgeman, of near Alto Pass; and one sister, Laura Dufrain, of near Aldridge.

19 Dec 1930:
Lula M. Cauble died 15 Dec 1930, at her home in Alto Pass, aged 52 years. She had a serious operation two months ago. Her funeral was in Alto Pass at the Congregational Church, which she joined when young. She was born 1 May 1878, the daughter of John and Rachel (Keith) Rendleman. She married on 17 Jan 1895, Adam J. Cauble. She was a member of the Eastern Star. She left her husband and a daughter, Lucille wife of Robert L. Hagler, of Murphysboro, Jackson County. Five sons died within a few weeks of being born and one son, Russell Adam Cauble, died at about 3 years old. Oscar Hall was her foster son. She also left two sisters, Mrs. Edward Bittle and Mamie B. Rendleman, of Alto Pass; and three brothers, W. A. Rendleman and Grover Rendleman, of Alto Pass, and Herbert Rendleman, of Cobden.

30 Sep 1932:
James Pirtle died last week at Grand Tower, Jackson County.

16 Mar 1935:
Jessify (Pirtle) Frost died Thursday (8 May 1934) at the home of her daughter, from pneumonia, aged 86 years, and was buried in Alto Pass Cemetery. Her funeral was at the Missionary Baptist church in Alto Pass. She was the widow of William Frost, who died many years ago when their children were small. She left one brother, Luther Pirtle, of Alto Pass; one sister, Caroline Nipper, of Pomona, Jackson County; five children, Ida Smith, Cora Kinder, Mary Smith, Henry Frost, and James Frost, of Carbondale, Jackson County; several grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nephews and nieces. Willie Frost, son of James Frost, was a grandson.

6 Jul 1934:
William Grammer died 30 Jun 1934, at home in Jonesboro, aged 84 years, 10 months, 11 days, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery. His funeral was at First Methodist Episcopal Church in Jonesboro. He was born 19 Aug 1849, the son of Jacob and Susan Grammer. He was a constable for 25 years or more in the Mississippi Bottoms. He lived in Union County his entire life, except for six years spent in Jackson County. He was a farmer. Sixteen years ago he moved to Jonesboro and served two terms as justice of the peace. He married at the age of 19 to Sarah Delves. She and their infant child died in less than one year of the marriage. He married in 1877, Frances Ann Keith. They had two sons and three daughters. He used to be an active member of Methodist Episcopal Church, South, at Ware. He left five children, Mrs. Abe Roberts, of DuQuoin, Mrs. D. M. Butler, of Chicago, Mrs. John Morgan, of Ware, James Grammer, of Wolf Lake, and W. J. Grammer, of Jonesboro; 29 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren.

29 Mar 1935:
Mrs. Melvin Pirtle died and his [sic] funeral was Sunday (24 Mar 1935) at Grand Tower, Jackson County.

25 Oct 1935:
Berl Haline Penrod died 19 Oct 1935, of a stroke he had on 2 Jul 1935, aged 7 years, 7 months, 13 days, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery. His funeral was at the Methodist church in Wolf Lake. He was born 6 Mar 1928, the son of Everett Penrod. He left his parents, five sisters, Virginia Penrod, Mildred Penrod, Eula Penrod, Helen Penrod, and Opal Jean Penrod; one brother, Merle Penrod; a grandfather, two grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

7 Feb 1936:
William Lipe died Friday (31 Jan 1936), of pneumonia. He was a lifelong resident of Pomona Township, Jackson County.

29 May 1936:
Jennie Pirtle died last Sunday (24 May 1936) at Anna State Hospital, aged about 55 years, and was buried in Jerusalem Cemetery in Jackson County. Her funeral was at Jerusalem Church. She was a patient there for two years. She was the oldest daughter of Luther Pirtle.

9 Oct 1936:
Bobby Jean Lipe died Wednesday (7 Oct 1936) at Holden Hospital in Carbondale, Jackson County, of diabetes, aged 10 years. He was the son of Eldo Lipe.

15 Jan 1937:
Minnie (Kimmel) Pertle [sic] died 9 Jan 1937, at home four miles northwest of Jonesboro, of a heart attack, aged 65 years, 11 months, 17 days, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery, beside her husbands and infant daughter. Her funeral was at H. R. McCarty Funeral Home. She was born 26 Jan 1871, the oldest daughter of David A. Kimmel. Her mother died when she was near the age of 4 years old. She married on 5 Mar 1899, George Lewis, who died 15 Apr 1909. They had one daughter, who died in infancy. She joined First Baptist Church in Anna about 1906. She married on 28 Oct 1912, John Pertle, who died 27 Mar 1936. She left one brother, Charles L. Kimmel, of 6324 Blackstone Ave., Chicago; one half brother, Everett S. Kimmel, of 6351 Kenwood Ave., Chicago; one half sister, Mrs. Stella E. wife of G. O. Hartline, of Cobden; four nieces, three nephews, two great-nieces, and two sisters-in-law. (See also 22 Jan 1937, issue.)

23 Jul 1937:
Morgan Montell died 13 Jul 1937, while working west of Pinckneyville, of heat exhaustion, after he fell 12 feet, aged 61 years, and was buried in Jerusalem Cemetery, Jackson County. His funeral was at Jerusalem Church. He used to live in Alto Pass, but moved to Murphysboro, Jackson County, in 1924. He was a carpenter for the Missouri Pacific Railroad. He was born 17 Oct 1875, near Pomona, Jackson County. He married in 1897, Cora Breeden. He left a widow, and two children, Lela Etherton and Ottie Montell, of Murphysboro.

27 Sep 1937:
Charley Hagler was found dead on the railroad at Bluford. He was a brother of W. S. Hagler, of Alto Pass.

26 May 1939:
Walter Grammer died Tuesday (23 May 1939) at home of a heart attack. His funeral was at Norris Funeral Home.

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