Micajah Etherton

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Born: 1795 in Tennessee

Died: 1841 in Etherton, Jackson County, Illinois

yDNA: R-FT84741


Father:Samuel Etherton (1748/JM - 1832/IL)

Mother: ( - )


Brother: Thomas Grantsor Etherton+ (1783/VA - 1847/IL)

Brother: Joshua Etherton+ (1785/VA - 1835/MO)

Brother: Samuel Etherton+ (1790/TN - 1846/IL)

Brother: William T. Etherton+ (1793/TN - )


Name: Rachel Ann Faubion (1795/TN - 1845/IL)

  Date: 06/07/1817 (age: 22 years 6 months 8 days) - 1841 (death, 23 years 5 months 23 days)

  Place: Cocke County, Tennessee


Daughter: Mariam Etherton (1819/TN - 1860/IL)

Daughter: Jane Ann Etherton+ (1822/TN - 1887/IL)

Son: William Anderson Etherton+ An indication that this person has military service (1825/TN - 1862/IL)

Son: James Alexander Etherton+ (1827/IL - )

Son: Alvin H Etherton (1835/IL - )

Son: Micajah Hamilton Etherton (1837/IL - 1854/IL)

History/Life Events

  Service: Veteran of the War of 1812. East Tennessee Militia 4th Regiment, private.

  Occupation: County Commissioner (1828), Justice of the Peace (1829), Sheriff (1838).

Official Sources (show all)

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Zachariah Lyerly Rev War Pension Application, 1832

Micajah Etherton Land Patent, NE qt SE qt Sec21 TWS10, 1834

Micajah Etherton Land Patent, SE qt SW qt Sec22 TWS10, 1834

Micajah Etherton to Samuel Etherton, 1840

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