William Theadore Baseden

Born: Sunday, September 25, 1898 in Pomona, Jackson County, Illinois

Died: Thursday, March 30, 1961 in Pomona, Jackson County, Illinois

Buried: Mt Pleasant Jerusalem Cemetery, Pomona, Jackson County, Illinois

Lived: 62 years 6 months 5 days


Father:Thomas Theodore Baseden (1873/IL - 1944/IL)

Mother:Lavica Isabell Ellis (1874/IL - 1905/IL)


Sister: Gertie Ellen Baseden (1893/IL - 1969)

Sister: Ada Baseden (1896/IL - 1978)

Sister: Cora Alice Baseden+ (1902/IL - 1976/IL)

Brother: Clarence Baseden (1904/IL - )

Sister: Nora Bell Baseden (half-sister) (1905/IL - 1981/IL)

Sister: Ida Mae Baseden (half-sister) (1908/IL - 1981/IL)

Sister: Edith M Baseden+ (half-sister) (1910/IL - 1993/IL)

Brother: Raleigh T Baseden+ (half-brother) (1914/IL - 2000)

Sister: Alice Lorena Baseden (half-sister) (1916/IL - 1989/MO)


Name: Eunice Lavica Sprous (1902/IL - 1982/IL)

  Date: 11/19/1919 (age: 21 years 1 month 25 days) - 03/30/1961 (death, 41 years 4 months 11 days)


Daughter: Alice Lavica Baseden (1920/IL - 1973/IL)

Daughter: Margaret Evelyn Baseden+ (1921/IL - 2008/MO)

Daughter: Mary Ellen Baseden+ An indication that a portrait of this person is available (1923/IL - 2014/IL)

Son: William Theodore Baseden An indication that this person has military service (1924/IL - 1975/IL)

Son: Clarence Edward Baseden+ An indication that this person has military service (1926/IL - 2001/IL)

Daughter: Gertie Imogene Baseden (1929/IL - 1968/IL)

Daughter: -unpublished-

Daughter: Cora Olive Baseden+ (1932/IL - 2018/IL)

Son: Billy Lee Baseden+ (1935/IL - 2015/IL)

Daughter: Ruth Geraldine Baseden+ (1937/IL - 2013/IL)

Son: Jessie Franklin Baseden (1939/IL - 1939/IL)


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