Hamilton Lipe

Born: 1836 in Jackson County, Illinois

Died: 1881


Father:Solomon Lipe (1811/NC - 1882/IL)

Mother:Margaret Grace Hagler (1810/NC - 1852/IL)


Brother: Peter Lipe+ (1829/IL - 1879/IL)

Sister: Mary Lipe (1832/IL - )

Brother: John Washington Lipe (1833/IL - 1881/IL)

Sister: Mariah Lipe (1838/IL - )

Brother: Edgar Lipe (1841/IL - )

Brother: Newton Lipe (1845/IL - )

Sister: Eliza Jane Lipe Fleming+ (1847/IL - 1920/IL)

History/Life Events

  Service: Veteran of the US Civil War.

Official Sources (show all)

Philip Hagler Probate Settlement, 1854

Solomon Lipe Last Will & Testament, 1881

Solomon Lipe Estate Petition by J.W. Grammer, 1882


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