Samuel Lipe

Born: 1874 in Illinois


Father:John Wesley Lipe (1837/IL - 1878)

Mother:Charlotte Blackwood (1845/IL - 1881/IL)


Brother: Henry Lipe+ (1862/IL - 1930/CA)

Sister: Ida Lipe (1866/IL - )

Brother: Amos Lipe+ (1868/IL - 1958)

Sister: Minnie Lipe (1871/IL - )

Brother: James Lipe+ (1875/IL - 1948/IL)

Sister: Ettie Lipe+ (1877/IL - 1960/FL)


1880 Jackson County IL Census

A Genealogical History of 3 Pioneer Families of Jackson County, Illinois

Shawcross Genealogy


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