Source: A Genealogical History of 3 Pioneer Families of Jackson County, Illinois


This is a loose leaf book about the Etherton, Henson and Boone families. This was originally compiled by Guy Everett Etherton and the preface was dated January 27, 1960. It appears that much of the data was collected via personal interviews with members of the family. The book was updated by Robert E. Etherton and he dated the Introduction on July 29, 1987. Most of the later data added members of the family that were closest to Robert.

The Etherton's covered in this book are mostly the descendants of Thomas Grantsor Etherton, with some mention of the children of Samuel Etherton. There is no information on any of the descendants of Micajah Etherton except for a mistaken placement of a granddaughter, Rachel Etherton

Most of the information seems to be generally accurate, but dates and names occasionally appear inconsistent. I value this resource as an excellent reference upon which to build with other information from other sources.

Type: Book

Date: 1960-01-27


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